Injection molding to meet the highest standards

Our stock of machinery encompasses around 70 fully automated machines; the majority are electric injection mold machines with tumblers ranging from 25 to 1,000 tons. With these machines, we are in the position to produce high precision parts with part weights from 0,03 to 1,900 grams. We can be just as flexible with materials – in addition to the usual thermoplastics, we can also work with high-temperature plastics and plastics with a glass fiber content up to 50%.

Our modern machinery and a 24-hour finishing process allow us to guarantee our customers high unit quantities while producing efficiently and reliably. Removal and packaging are done fully automatically. In this way, we can meet the special needs of our customers and reliably ship the goods as they are needed.

Our services at
a glance:

  • Circa 70 fully-automated injection molding machines
  • Reliable production
  • Thermoplastics in all variations
  • Implementation of pressure sensors